What a night at The Gallery Club on Friday for #OU100. Big thanks to all the #Uppers inside the venue and those of you online. Shout out to my special guest BLAZER as well as John Askew & Indecent Noise for killer sets.
The finale of #OU100 is only 1 week away! Myself & Astrix at Slake NYC. Bit.ly/OU100_NYC
If you're in London and you're not at Ministry of Sound then you're nuts
Live from Ministry of Sound Club in London from 01:00 GMT so in about 30 minutes!! Get locked in.... BLAZER follows at 02:30 GMT ah.fm/player #OU100 Afterhours.FM
My interview with Ministry of Sound Club ahead of tomorrow's #OU100 live show at The Gallery Club http://po.st/Pattersonfb Set times: 00.00 - 01.00 - John Askew (warm up set) 01.00 - 02.30 - Simon Patterson 02.30 - 03.30 - Blazer 03.30 - 04.30 - John Askew 04.30 - 06.00 - Indecent Noise Tickets: Bit.ly/OU100_LDN
Holy shit just made a massive breakthrough on a new track. Just hope I can have it ready in time for #OU100 in London this Friday at The Gallery Club's 2015 opening party. The riff is off the chain. So excited to be back in the smoke. No better sound system than the box at Ministry of Sound Club. Going to bring 50 OU wristbands to give away during my set so make sure you're right i there!!! Wanna see the UK #Uppers out in force with the OU colours on!!!! Tix: http://bit.ly/OU100_LDN
Big night in Miami this past Friday! see you soon! #OpenUp
Who's with me for Ciros Nightclub - Ashby-de-la-zouch next Saturday?? Back in the Midlands UK for the first time in a while!! Tickets are flying out. #OpenUp
Only one week after the black OU tees have been back in stock and we are down to the last 40!! #Uppers love dressing dark!! Get em before they're gone again!! simonpatterson.bigcartel.com
#TBT The Gallery Club at Ministry of Sound Club last year!! Can't wait to celebrate #OU100 at this very same venue next week! Bit.ly/OU100_LDN
After a few weeks down time can't wait to hit the road again.....
This weekend......I'm in Miami biiitch!! #UppersUSA #OU667OneBadder Club Space
Finishing up #OU100 celebrations in NYC at Slake with my hero and friend Astrix!! Bit.ly/OU100_NYC
Massive night at Ruby Skye in SF last month!! Massive thanks to my special guest Jordan Suckley!! #OpenUp #OU100
Can't wait to be back at The Gallery Club at Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound Club in London in two weeks for the next installment of #OU100 live with John Askew Indecent Noise and the absolute legend that is BLAZER Tix: http://bit.ly/OU100_LDN All live on Afterhours.FM #OU667OneBadder
Banging NYE in Toronto at Ozmozis Productions RED Nightclub. #OpenUp 101 will feature a hour of my set and full recordings will be up on my Soundcloud in the next day or two.
Black #OpenUp tees are finally back in stock! get yours here.... simonpatterson.bigcartel.com
100 episodes of #OpenUp... what a journey! here's to the next milestone!! #OU667OneBadder
Next up for #OU100 is The Gallery Club in London - special guest on the broadcast is BLAZER!! Bit.ly/OU100_LDN
Great way to see the New Year in with Ozmozis Productions & John Askew at #OU100 last night!!
Happy New Year!!! Join us on Afterhours.FM from 23:00 EST / 04:00 GMT for the next #OU100 broadcast live from Ozmozis Productions at RED Nightclub in Toronto with the boss John Askew! http://ah.fm/player/ #OU667OneBadder
Pre show NYE cocktail marathon begins with #themissus and #theboss John Askew #Toronto Ozmozis Productions
I do love a blunt opinion
Stream all #OU100 broadcasts on Soundcloud - Next up Ozmozis Productions NYE with John Askew! soundcloud.com/simonpatterson/sets/oulive
Who's ready for the next #OU100 Live installment? Two more sleeps till me and John Askew hit RED Nightclub in Toronto with Ozmozis Productions....... Set times below - including a closing hour of B2B with #TheBoss all live on Afterhours.FM this is going to be massive!!
Looking forward to Official Cream next March! Myself Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila, John O'Callaghan Official and more in the Courtyard! #OU667OneBadder #Uppers cream.co.uk/go/march2015
Amazing time with the family this Christmas!
Ten years ago today one of the coolest, most vibrant and beautiful regions of the world I have ever had the pleasure to visit was absolutely devastated by a Tsunami of incredible proportions. I saw those horrific images live on TV and was just completely lost for words. I guess you could say a derranged form of voyerism glued me to the screen as I watched entire comunities get swept away, villages and towns flatened and hundreds of thousands of people die - live - right there on my TV screen. Just like the vivid autrocities of 9/11 - that also had me transfixed ot my TV - those striking images from Boxing Day 2004 will forever be burned into my mind and continue to be the first thing I think of every time I wake up on December 26th. I've visited areas of Thailand directly that were completely destroyed and have expereienced first hand the resolution of these incredibly brave and resiliant people - who somehow picked themselves up and just got on with rebuilding their lives and their communities. Truly inspiring. I'm never one to preach or get sentimental but I think today on the 10th anniversary of the worst natural disaster I have witenessed in my life time..... maybe as we stand in front of our fridges loading our cake holes with handfulls of leftover turkey and cheese it would be worth taking a moment to reflect and think of not only those who were lost but those who lived having lost everything.
Merry Christmas to all you #Uppers out there!! Tonight a very special guest on my radio show. My dear friend - the legend and truly incredible DJ - Javier Bussola - who takes over #OpenUp 099... 2200 GMT Digitally Imported This is one show not to be missed!!
One week today - #OU100 live hits Toronto for the killer NYE Ozmozis Productions show with the boss John Askew #OU667OneBadder Bit.ly/OU100_TO